The Akrotiri Wall Paintings

The Bronze Age frescoes from Akrotiri on Santorini (or Thera) provide some of the most famous images from the ancient Greek world and are admired even now in modern society with their vivid colors that still shine through time’s passage.

Sometime between 1650 and 1550 BCE, Thera suffered a devastating earthquake that left the town in ruins, and this catastrophe was soon followed by a volcanic eruption that covered the entire settlement of Akrotiri in pumice and volcanic ash. As a result, the vibrant frescoes which were on the walls of almost all buildings in the town have been remarkably well preserved. When the first systematic excavations began in 1967 CE, by Spyridon Marinatos, just some decades ago, the secrets and wonders of this lost ancient city were finally rediscovered and once again admired by the human eye.

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