Introducing THERA or SANTORINI

Bring the gorgeous beauty of Greece into your home with Thera or Santorini! This stunning and unique photo album, curated by world-renown photographer George Meis, will provide you with a piece of Santorini that you can treasure for years to come. Admire the awe-inspiring range of panoramic shots taken from up to 360 degrees, featuring all the gorgeous aspects of one of the most historically significant areas on earth.

You’ll love flipping through the pages – this hardcover classic is filled with 250 colorful and vivid pages that seek to capture every detail down to a single granule of ash. You won’t just be seeing these breathtaking views in Greek or English – translations are also included in German, allowing you to truly appreciate all that Thera or Santorini has to offer regardless of your language ability. And speaking of perspective, there are accompanying texts by Manolis Glezos, Voula Bozineki Didoni – Giorgis Vougioukalakis which provide insight into the area’s stunning natural beauty as well as its historical significance.

If you want to bring a piece of Greece into your home, then there’s no better way than with Thera or Santorini! Pick up your copy now and enjoy hours spent exploring stunning vistas, wonderful history, and incredible culture – all at the same time.

Don’t hesitate, order online, we deliver worldwide with extra care!

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