The Santorini Volcano is “erupting” on September 17th, 2016

Once every year, Santorini island remembers the eruptions that made it what it is today. The “Ifestia Festival” (or the “Volcanoes Festival”) will be held during the third weekend of September this year, with cultural events and concerts leading up to the main event of the festival.

The volcano will “erupt” in an eye-catching show on the night of the 17th of September 2016. Each year the show varies sightly, making it a unique experience. Starting at about 20:30, the show usually starts with small fires on the volcanic islands (Palaia and Nea Kameni) that resemble the melting lava. This is followed by hundreds of fireworks exploding in the sky, one after the other in spectacular combinations.

Volcano Magic Cruise by Caldera Yachting

For a third year in a row, a few lucky locals and visitors will have the chance to enjoy this spectacular show from the sea, close to the volcanic islands! Luxury catamaran vessels by Caldera Yachting will make a special evening excursion. The Volcano Magic Cruise will start at 17:00 until right after the end of the event at approximately 22:00. It will start by sailing along the Red and the White Beach, continuing to Mesa Pigadia. Dinner will be held by the Black Mountain and after dinner, the cruise will sail towards the caldera, to admire the sunset. According to the municipality of Santorini, the Ifaistia festival show will start at 20:30, allowing the catamarans enough time to get near the volcanic islands where they will stop to admire the visual simulation of the volcanic eruption. During the event, the passengers will be served wine and fruits.

The price to attend the Volcano Magic Cruise excursion is 190 euros per person and includes transfers to/from your accommodation, full dinner, refreshments, beer, white wine, towels, as well as wine and fruits during the event.

We advise to book your seats in advance, as the number of guests that can attend is very limited. You may reserve your seats here:

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If you wish to book a private cruise for the event, please contact us at to make the necessary arrangements.