The Thirtieth Volcanoes (video)

The Volcanoes 2023 event that took place on September 15 was very successful, and the fireworks show received highly positive comments. It was the thirtieth event in a series, with the fireworks display, as always, happening from Nea Kameni.

The weather was exceptional, and a large crowd watched the spectacle from the edge of the caldera, while dozens of boats approached Nea Kameni so that their passengers could get a closer look at the fireworks. Passengers on a large cruise ship that was in the bay of Fira at that time were also fortunate.

After the conclusion of the fireworks, a music event followed at the Association Cooperatives of Theraic Products, featuring traditional music.

Watch the three-minute video below from Atlantea News, which includes the final and most impressive part of the fireworks display.

We would like to thank Atlantea News, the news website of Santorini, for providing us with the video.

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