The Wine Bar: For wine, cocktails, pizza and views!

Located in Imerovigli village, at Heliotopos Hotel, in a breathtaking setting high above the sea at the top of a volcanic crater, facing the evening sun which sets behind the sea, The Wine Bar awaits you. Enjoy one, or more evenings in Santorini in an environment of traditional aesthetic appeal and warm and friendly atmosphere.  

Join The Wine Bar and enjoy:

– The Terrace: a completely different, breathtaking sunset every single day gives one more reason to visit it again.

– The Cave: from a stable to a wine cellar and from a wine cellar to a bar, our natural cave has this form into the lava for more than 400 years..

– The Food: freshly homemade pizzas, mouthwatering dishes, the menu is short, simple and unique… Enjoy light, homemade dishes from Greek ingredients and recipes

The dishes follow recipes the founders of The Wine Bar brought from home, from the grandmother and the aunt, the best friend and the inspiration of the moment. With only a few options to choose from, they have tried to cover a wide variety of food habits, with dishes for nibbling and dining and hope to offer a delightful experience at The Wine Bar.

The Food menu comprises of appetisers and main course dinner options. A small collection of dishes enough to fill only two sides of an A4 and to satisfy any preference. Please keep in mind that the menus are updated regularly to meet the seasonal needs. 

– Wine & Drinks: The Wine & Drinks menu comprises of wines from Santorini and the rest of Greece, sparkling and dessert wines, beers and soft drinks, spirits and cocktails. Please keep in mind that the menu is updated regularly to meet the season needs.

– The Staff: The attentive staff is always there to make you feel like home while enjoying the most scenic spot of Santorini.

The Wine Bar is open all year round, trying to keep the charm and elegance of the summer to articulate it around a cosy and warm inside setting throughout the year.

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