20 reasons to visit Santorini in 2020

20 reasons to visit Santorini screenshot

With positive energy for the summer that is approaching and with love for the island and its people, the Digital Archive of Thira has prepared a beautiful video that states 20 reasons why – when the right time comes – you should visit Santorini this year.

Staying home has been essential the past couple of months. With countries all over the world slowly recovering, dreaming of travel has reached its peak! The 20 reasons featured in the video are the following:

1. The Volcanic Archipelago
2. The Cycladic Achitecture
3. The prehistoric town of Akrotiri
4. The colorful beaches
5. The lunar landscape of Vlyhada
6. The volcanic vineyards
7. The picturesque villages
8. The small museums
9. The outdoor activities
10. Dive in the Aegean sea
11. The gastronomy
12. The hidden treasures
13. The art
14. Your fairy-tale wedding
15. The city of Ancient Thera
16. The spectacular hotels
17. The island of Therasia
18. The locals
19. The largest water filled caldera in the world
20. The sunsets

Which of the above are you looking forward to the most?

All these special beauties of Santorini in a 3 minute video edited by Nikos Korakakis.

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