“Another island” photo exhibition by Dewi Glyn Jones

This summer, the Industrial Tomato Museum “D. Nomikos”, based in Vlychada beach, Santorini, hosts the photo exhibition by Dewi Glyn Jones, entitled “Another island”.

Santorini is one of the islands experiencing a growing tension between the affluent but transient tourists and its permanent residents. Dewi Glyn Jones frames assemblages of static bodies and lively objects within Santorini’s bleached bright spaces. Deflating inflatable flamingos, discarded beach mats, abandoned sun loungers, a parched sunflower stooping down towards the tepid dregs of an iced coffee, five chairs and stools in conference around a table – ‘things’ liberated from proprietorship – populate Jones’ compositions.

Something remains hidden behind the still composure of Jones’ images. A viscous membrane separates Santorini’s parallel realities, the one experienced by the visitor and the one experienced by the resident.

Dewi visited the Island of Santorini for the first time in 2014 with his family.

As an Artist and Photographer he began documenting various aspects of the Island from his first initial visit. He has then returned every Summer and in the months of September and October to proceed with his photographic work, which has resulted in this exhibition.

The Another Island Photographic Project is still currently being developed as an idea, however Dewi Glyn Jones has also started a new project which is a direct contrast to this current work, entitled “When the World Disappears”. This work in progress will concentrate on Island life long after the main tourist season has closed.

The exhibition will be hosted in the Industrial Tomato Museum in Vlychada beach by September 29th. You can visit it daily from 10:00 to 18:00 except Mondays.

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