Commitments on the Santorini equine welfare

Several meetings among between the Mayor of Santorini, Mr Nikos Zorzos, the representatives of the Equines union of Santorini, the representative of the Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Association – in cooperation with the Hellenic Society for Equine Welfare – and the activist organisation Dream Dancers were held a few days ago. The basic topic of the discussions was Santorini’s equine welfare.

Incidents and actions that affect the rights and the welfare of these animals have been highlighted and thoroughly discussed.

All parties agreed to mutual collaboration that will aim to improve the conditions of the equines daily life.

In particular, it was decided to extend and improve the sunshades, in order to protect the animals from the heat and to improve the water supply at these places.

At the same time – in cooperation with all the parties – the Municipality of Santorini will proceed with the update of the local legislation concerning equines. Furthermore, all equines will be registered and microchipped, provided that, as discussed, there will be a funding for this action.

The representatives of the Equines union of Santorini have also agreed to a limited time work for the animals and a weight burden commensurate with the weight of the animal, so that the equines will not be stressed. One of the basic requests of the Equines union of Santorini was the additional medical support for equines by providing a specialized ultrasonic machine for these animals. The representatives of animal welfare organisations expressed the intention to find funding for the provision of this machine.

The Equines union committed to self control of its members and the members that violate the rules will face the consequences of the local and national law.

The representatives of animal welfare organizations have expressed their satisfaction with the outcome of the meetings, provided that commitments will be held and there will be a constant cooperation for the equines welfare.

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