Do you know what “Ambelia” or “Kouloura” is?

Who would have thought that Santorini’s beautiful, idyllic island is home to a unique vine-growing technique?

The “Αmbelia” or “Κouloura” is the pruning method developed in Santorini that involves pruning the vines into a low vegetable basket. It was adapted and refined by the island’s vine growers in order to protect their plants from the challenging Santorini soil and climatic conditions, such as:

– The lack of water and moisture as the rainfall is very limited on the island and plants are mainly moistured by the sea mist
– The strong winds that gather momentum especially in spring, when the budding of the vines begin
– The volcanic sand that lashes the vines as it is carried away and swirled around by the strong winds
– The intense sun during the extended summertime period

The “Αmbelia” or “Kouloura method” has been used for centuries to mature grapes without running the risk of spoilage. This allows us today, in our great quality Santorini wines!

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