Global Traveler: Santorini Best Island in Europe

Santorini has been voted “Best Island in Europe” by the readers of US magazine Global Traveler, a travel publication aimed at frequent business and luxury travelers.

The awarding took place in the context of the magazine’s annual “Leisure Life Style awards 2019″, which took place last week in New York.

“The fact that Santorini retains this title for the sixth consecutive year proves that our readers recognize the best when they see it. And Santorini is the best, which, with its impressive landscape and the unique experiences it offers, is an irresistible holiday option”, highlighted Francis X. Gallagher, CEO, and publisher of the magazine, during the event.

Besides Santorini, Mykonos and Grete also made it into the top 10 island destinations clinching the 3rd and 8th spots respectively.

In the same awards, Greece was ranked 8th in the “International Best Historical Attractions” category and 7th with Mykonos in the “Best Beaches” category.


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