Photo exhibition “Oia-Portrait of a Village 1977-1979”

A unique collection of photographs by Pamela Browne from the 1970s in Pano Meria, Santorini (Oia & Finikia), entitled Oia-Portrait of a Village 1977-1979, will be inaugurated at the “Panigirospito” Community Centre opposite St. George’s church in Oia, on Saturday September 7th at 20:00.

The photographs depict the lives of the few inhabitants and their descendants who remained on the island following the 1956 earthquake. Taken at a timely moment when the first signs of the impending tourism were beginning to appear, this collection of black and white images and Jaime’s visionary text, prophetically foreshadowed an endangered way of life.

Pamela visited Santorini, almost by chance, and was captivated by what she encountered the simplicity and innocence of this abandoned community which was managing to survive through its age-old connection to the land and sea. Together with her friend Jaime Robles, who wrote the accompanying text, they integrated themselves into the local community and set about documenting their visit. With charm and sensitivity, they managed to capture the reality of those times.

Almost forty years on, these photographs are remnants of a way of life that has faded and pay tribute to this village at a moment on the cusp of change.

Exhibition duration: 8-14 September | Opening times: Daily 18:00-20:30 | Free entrance

This exhibition was made possible due to the generous support of the Mandilaras family and Lotza restaurant

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