Santino Tsikoudia: Savour Santorini’s History

Savour Santorini’s History: Experience the Fine Tradition of SANTINO Tsikoudia! This exquisite distillate is crafted to perfection using only carefully selected ingredients and an ancient recipe. Drawn from an exclusive blend of Assyrtiko, Aidani, and Athiri grapes cultivated in Messaria, by Canava Santorini, this premium spirit captures the essence of remarkable regional history.

Created through an intricate 4x slow-distillation method, this limited-quantity 700ml bottle celebrates traditional artistry while topping up your palate’s anticipation at 38.5% alcohol volume. As fierce as its volcanic landscape roots and smooth like a gentle Aegean breeze, SANTINO Tsikoudia is ready to pour your evenings with bursts of intense flavor. Captivate your senses with a journey around centuries-old stories paired with every glass of our unique spirit!

Since 1974, Canava Santorini has been crafting fine spirits with the same family recipes and local materials passed down through generations. Started by Evagellos Lygnos in Santorini island, his son Loukas today continues to preserve this unique heritage of quality and distinction.

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