Santorini island opens for tourists with special offers you shouldn’t miss!

If there is one good thing that has come out of this crazy pandemic, is the offers from businesses all around the world! People want to break free as soon as possible and with airlines and hotels making (very) special deals for travellers, now is the time to book your next trip! The good health of the visitors and staff is the top priority for businesses, who wish to operate safely under this new reality.

One example of a hotel that has decided to open once allowed and make special offers is Heliotopos Hotel, in Imerovigli village in Santorini. Heliotopos is a family-owned boutique hotel, one of the first hotels that were built on the cliffside of Santorini more than 30 years ago. There are many details about our hotel: the amazing caldera view, traditional architecture, awards, small suites and studio houses, famous breakfast, swimming pool with a view and free wi-fi everywhere. It has seen the island in its purest form and has lived through the busiest of its times too. Many travellers around the world list it in their favourite list of hotels of the world, including Sarah Jessica Parker in an interview with Wall Street Journal asking her about her favourite things and GOOP, the website of Gwyneth Paltrow, referring Heliotopos Hotel in one of their 3 hotel suggestions for Santorini! Now, Heliotopos Hotel is offering options for travellers that will decide to travel to Santorini this year, in an effort to make it easier for them to make the decision.

Enjoy a hotel for yourselves, your family and friends!

The offer that stands out the most is the option to book the whole hotel for yourself, to travel alone or with family/friends. The 10 rooms will be reserved for visitors that decide that they feel more comfortable staying in the hotel without other tourists. The hotel mentions that you can book the property whether you are travelling on your own, or with friends and family, and that no matter how many rooms you will actually need, the price is fixed. You will be the only ones using the pool and the reception and a buffet breakfast will be ready for you every morning. The only other people you will see in the hotel will be the staff, who will be there for your service.

Pay in advance and get more when you visit!

At the top terrace of the building, right after you get through the main gate from the street, the hotel features a bar, called The Wine Bar CookTales, with fantastic views of the caldera and sunset. This will be the only part of the hotel this year that will operate accepting people that don’t stay in the property. The visitors will only have access to the terraces of The Wine Bar, and will not be passing through any closed spaces of the hotel. For the bar, there is also a running offer, where you can pre-pay for your drinks/dinner and receive 20% additional service when you visit. So, if you know you are visiting and pay 50 euros now, you will have a 60 euro credit in your name for your first visit, no matter when this will be!


Whoever decides to travel this year would be well aware that this is going to be a vacation that will be very different than any other. Greece is opening its borders and tourists will be able to fly in without restrictions for quarantine of the 15th of June, so if you are coming from a country that is doing well with the coronavirus pandemic you might be able to travel as soon as in less than a month! Taking a very well needed break has never been sweeter, with Greek destinations taking as many precautions as possible to keep a low count of new cases.

We wish you a great trip, safe, relaxing and full of good memories!

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