2016-17 Winter in Santorini

UPDATE: Following up on our 2015 article about the winter season of Santorini, we are here for more. Within a year, this just one winter season that has passed, Santorini has evolved. With over 20.000 permanent residents (a figure that has almost doubled since the 2011 census) and easy connections with Athens, restaurants, shops and cafes can remain open. The rates for accommodation and transportation drop to half (or more) and access to everywhere on the island is quicker.

This winter, Santorini flight connections with Athens will be at least five daily (3 by Aegean, 2 by Ryanair). The introduction of Ryanair has changed the rate game completely, with round trip flights at 30 euros if you book early. For the travellers who have limited time and are not interested in visiting other islands along their way, these 30 minute flights are the only solution. The daily connections of course continue with Piraeus by Blue Star Ferries. The trip takes 8 hours but is not affected by the weather, passengers can bring their car and there is no cost for extra luggage.

The things to do in Santorini in the winter are more or less the same. The archaeological sites and the museums of the island remain open throughout the year. Wineries also accept visitors most of the days, and very good food is offered by the restaurants that are available. Numerous traditional settlements all different to each other await to be discovered and 25 paths offering breathtaking views towards the cliffs of the caldera, the sea and the mainland. Don’t forget; with no warm humidity on the horizon the sunsets become colourful and full of shapes. Some daily little miracles of nature!

In all, Santorini is still not crowded in the winter. Depending on the month, the day of the week and the weather, you can feel like you are alone on the island, or that it is as busy as summer. If you are looking for a beach destination Santorini island is still not for you from October to April. But if you are looking for everything else, Santorini has the arts, the culture, the history and the gastronomy. It has the views and the adventures and the touch of the untouched.

*The picture was taken during sunset on November 1st, 2016, Imerovigli Village, Heliotopos Hotel*