Winter Season in Santorini

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Santorini is organized to operate as a tourist destination throughout the year, in alliance with over 100 small-medium hotels and other businesses that will remain open in the winter, while airlines will maintain a sufficient number of connections to the island in the off-season period.

Santorini island has all the features that guarantee to attract visitors throughout the year and everyones willingness to immediately extend the tourist season. In recent years the number of shettlments operating throughout the year has increased dramatically, impacting all areas of the wider tourism industry, like dining, entertainment etc. Last year during the winter, around 80-90 small accommodation shettlements remained open, while in February and March, the number of open units had reached around 150. As the average size of accommodation in Santorini is small and the operation during the off season is not involving particularly increased business risks, it is expected in the coming years that even more tourist facilities will remain open during winter.

This winter season, Santorini flight connections with Athens will be at least four large airliners daily (2 of the Aegean Air and 2 by Ryanair), a development that makes access to the island easier for those wishing to visit during these months. Furthermore, Santorini is connected daily with Piraeus by Blue Star Ferries, which enables the smooth transition on the island for those who want to spend less money on their trip.

The visitor has the chance to visit the archaeological places of the island, tour the wineries, walk around the villages and hike along 25 different paths, enjoying colours, sceeneries and locals away from the crowds and heat of the summer season.

*The picture was taken on December 20th, 2014, Imerovigli Village, Heliotopos Hotel*