Six Blue Flags for Santorini this year

Kamari beach awarded with a Blue Flag

Six beaches of Santorini were awarded the “Blue Flag” for 2019: Ag. Georgios, Vlychada, Kamari 1, Kamari 2, Perivolos and Perissa.

Altogether in the Southern Aegean Sea, 49 blue flags were awarded to the Dodecanese and 32 to the Cyclades.

The International Commission of the Blue Flag program awarded this year 3,779 coasts, 695 marinas and 67 sustainable tourism vessels around the world. With 515 award-winning coasts, 15 marinas and 4 sustainable tourism vessels, Greece ranks second among 47 countries. This year, Greece held 12% of the total awards.

“Blue Flag” is the most recognizable and widespread internationally eco-friendly quality symbol in the world. It has been awarded since 1987 to beaches and marinas that meet the strict award requirements. A requirement for awarding a “Blue Flag” is the quality of the water to be “excellent”. In addition, the rest of the 33 in total criteria (38 criteria for marinas and 51 for vessels) must also be met. These refer to cleanliness, organization, information, swimmers and visitors safety, protection of the natural wealth of the coast and the coastal area and environmental awareness.

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