Bike ride on Sunday May 26th, in Santorini

On Sunday afternoon, May 26th, a bike ride is scheduled in Santorini. The cyclists, young and old, will start from Kamari, cycle up to Monolithos and return to Kamari. The route is easy for everyone to follow.

Meeting point: Kamari Rock, at the beggining of the pedestrian street

Time: 12:30.

A helmet and a water bottle are considered a must for a safe ride.

If you happen to be in Santorini on Sunday, do not hesitate to rent a bicycle and join in!

The cycling community of the island tries, via this bike ride, to underline the need to change urban travel patterns and behaviours, as vehicle abuse destroys both physical health and the environment. Seeking a better quality of life, the cyclists of Santorini fight for public transport, bike lanes and pedestrian streets, because, as they say: “through cycling the island of Santorini will become Kallisti* again!”.

*Kallisti” in Greek means “the prettiest of all”, and it is the original name of Santorini

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