Do you know what vinsanto is?

Vinsanto is the exceptional sweet, sun-dried white wine of Santorini. It is produced from very mature white grapes that are dried in the hot sun of Santorini for many days, in order to give the concentrated, sweet, golden wine with the powerful aroma of raisins, dried figs, honey, dried fruits, and coffee.

Along with the fresh dry white wine and nykteri, the traditional type of Santorini’s white wine, vinsanto is the third type of Santorini PDO wine.

Vinsanto matures for many years in oak barrels and is been aged in bottles for an even longer period of time.

Order now among the most popular Santorini vinsanto wines, keep them in your cellar and enjoy them some years later.

It accompanies perfectly strong cheeses, sweet dried fruits, and chocolate desserts while it is best served at 11° C.

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Photo: Vinsanto oak barrels at Hatzidakis Winery, in Pyrgos, Santorini. 

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