Kaspersky Lab supports the Akrotiri Excavations

Kaspersky Lab has been offering, since 2015, significant support to the excavation taking place at Akrotiri in Santorini. The Lab finances among others:

– the study of fixing the buildings that have already come to light

– the additional excavation in the archaeological site

– the restoration of one of the frescoes already found in Xesthe 4, in which a male figure is displayed going up the Great Staircase

A few days ago, as a recognition of the Kaspersky Lab’s great contribution to the continuation of the excavation project at Akrotiri, Mr. Eugene Kaspersky was declared an honorary citizen of the Municipality of Thira (Santorini) following the decision of the Mayor Mr. Nikos Zorzos and the Municipal Council.

The ceremony in honor of Mr. Kaspersky took place on the occasion of his presence in Santorini for the annual meeting on the monitoring of the works carried out at the Akrotiri excavation with the financing of Kaspersky Lab.

Mr. Eugene Kaspersky thanked the Municipality of Thira for the honor and promised to continue supporting the excavation works at Akrotiri in the years to come.

Mr Kaspersky’s interest for Akrotiri was a happy coincidence that led him and his team to invest in and offer to the archaeological site. An incentive for him was his particular interest in everything that comes from the past, which became his dream to see the excavation at the archaeological site of Akrotiri continue and give us new information about the prehistoric age and the people who lived back then.

The Head of the whole project is the archaeologist Mr. Christos Doumas, Emeritus Professor at the University of Athens, and Director of the Akrotiri Excavation.

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