New opening times for museums and archaeological sites in March

Akrotiri excavation

New opening times have been put into effect since 1st March for the Akrotiri Archaeological Site, the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Prehistoric Thira and Ancient Thira.

The Akrotiri Archaeological Site was added to the emblematic archaeological sites of the country that will be open seven days a week, while the other three museums expand their opening hours to seven and a half hours.

So, until 31st March, when the winter season for the museums and archaeological sites officially ends, the opening times are as follows:

– Akrotiri Archaeological Site: open daily 08:00 -16:00, Ticket: € 6,00. Tel. (+30) 2286081939

Archaeological Site of Ancient Thera: open daily except Tuesdays 08:00 -15:30, Ticket: € 2,00. Tel. (+30) 2286022217, 2286023217

Museum of Prehistoric Thira: open daily except Tuesdays 08:00 -15:30, Ticket: € 3,00. Tel. (+30) 2286023217, 2286025405

Archaeological Museum: open daily except Tuesdays 08:00-15:30, Ticket: € 1,00. Tel. (+30) 2286022217

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