Photography exhibition “1/2 one” – An innovative approach of the stone-lighthouses in Greece

Kostas Ntanis, photographer and director announces his solo photography exhibition “½ one” in “Oia Vineyart” from September 21 to October 21, 2018.

For his current exhibition, Ntanis presents forty photographs from his two-year project “½ one”, of twenty-three stone-built lighthouses around Greece.

Night shots of these lighthouses have not been presented to the public before. This new vision of fers a unique insight in the exact moment of action, when the lighthouse shines fulfilling its role. The technique used by Ntanis in light-painting each lighthouse, highlights its architecture and emphasizes its uniqueness of architecture and location.

The title itself “½ one” refers to the empirical rhythmic counting “half one, half two, half three…” used by sailors to calculate the time between light and darkness, the ‘characteristic’ as it is known of the lighthouse.

Kostas Ntanis was born in Athens in 1982, studied in the Mathematics Department in the University of Athens and Photography in Leica Academy. Since 2005 he has been working non-stop as a Photographer and a Director, creating documentaries and cultural programs for television.

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