Santorini honors the great archaeologist Spyros Marinatos

The bust of Spyros Marinatos, the remarkable archaeologist who, in 1967, brought to light the great prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri, finally adorns the archaeological site of Akrotiri.

The unveiling of the bust was made in an emotional atmosphere on Sunday, September 30, by the Mayor of Thera, Nikos Zorzos in the presence of many residents of Santorini and visitors of the Akrotiri archaeological site.

The bust has been crafted by sculptor Mary Papaconstantinou thanks to the sponsorship of shipowner Mr. Athanasios Martinos. It was placed at the entrance of the Akrotiri archaeological site, according to the instructions of the Ministry of Culture.

Read more about the archaeological site of Akrotiri here, in an article by Christos Doumas, Archaeology Professor and Director of the Akrotiri excavations, who is continuing the great work of Spyros Marinatos.

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