Summer in Santorini means Santorini Arts Factory!

Join one of the events at the Tomato Industrial Museum in Vlychada, and enjoy one of the many performances, theatrical plays, educational workshops, kid’s shows, as well as traditional Greek music. Between the 28th of July and the 26th of August, the SAF has organised 11 special artistic nights.

28/7 –  23:30 | Music
Petros Klampanis “Rooftopstories”
During the July full moon, a mid-night acoustic journey accompanied by a contrabass, loops, percussion, and vocals.
Tickets: 15 € full price, 12 € reduced

29/7 – 19:00Theater on a ferry boat
The ferry boat that connects Santorini to Thirasia is transformed into the steamboat Virginian. The story of 1900, a great pianist that was born on a ship and never set foot on land. Performances by: Melachrinos Velentzas, George Drivas
Tickets: 15 € full price, 12 € reduced

30/7 – 21:30 | Music
Dimitris Basis “Gimna Tragoudia” (Naked Songs)
Dimitris Basis meets with virtuoso guitarist and composer Manolis Androulidakis, in a demanding recital with familiar melodies by famous Greek composers such as Theodorakis, Xarhakos, Hadjidakis, Plessas,  Spanos, etc.
Tickets: 15 € full price, 12 € reduced

1/8 – 21:30 | Theatre
“Spiridoula” by Lena Kitsopoulou
Spiridoula is the female embodiment of the feeling of jealousy of our main protagonist, 27 year-old George, by which he was overcome when he saw the love of his life Mr. Aris, in the arms of a short woman.
Tickets: 15€ full price, 12€ reduced

2/8 –  19:00 | Educational Workshop
Marotte Doll Workshop
Just like Geppetto, so will we make our own dolls, using colorful fabrics, colors, yarn, and recyclable materials. Will our dolls come to life as well? For children in primary school.
Tickets: 10 €

3/8 –  20:30 | Kid’s Theater
The Wonderful Adventures of Pinnochio
Impressive human-sized dolls, giant-dolls, marionettes, hand-puppetsm, shapes, and colours, will be revealed through magical boxes, and create a fairytale ambience in this wonderful show for the entire family! Direction – Performance: Maria & Spiridoula Papageorgiou.
Tickets: 8 €

4/8 – 21:30 | Music
Giannis Zevgolis – Music Group Ballos
Giannis Zevgolis and the music group Ballos take us on a journey through the music of the islands of the Aegean and the coasts of Asia minor, through a wonderful traditional festival. Performers: Giannis Zevgolis, Ourania Lambropoulou, Kostas Sideris, Dionisia Papouli.
Tickets: 15 € full price, 12 € reduced

5/8 – 21:00 for the entire family, 23:30 for adults | Cinema
Thessaloniki Animation Festival
Artists, Illustrators, animators, and graphic designers have joined forces and brought to life the 2nd biggest animation film festival in Greece. Director: Dimitris Savvaidis
Free Entry

7/8 –  21:30 | Theater
“The Lady of Ro” by Giannis Skaragas
The heroic figure of Despina Ahladioti, the woman that carries a piece from the heart and character of every Greek. A trip from loneliness to the hope and faith in the good that is hidden inside every person. The shows will have english supertitles. Performance: Fotini Baxevani
Tickets: 15€ full price, 12€ reduced

24/8 – 21:30 | Music
Jasmine Quartet
Combining traditional melodies with contemporary harmony, Jasmine explores the role of vocals in the rich musical tradition in Greece and the Mediterranean. Performers: Eirini Derebei, Maria Melachrinou, Martha Mavroidi, Tasos Poulios
Tickets: 15 € full price, 12 € reduced 

26/8 –  23:30 | Music
Lunar Sadhana – Healing Concert
In the full-moon of August, in a unique mid-night show with the sounds of tibetan singing bowls, vocal ragas, and the cosmic sound of the Sun Gong.
Tickets: 15 € 

Also, on the morning of Sunday 30/9, 10:00am, at the Tomato Industrial Museum, the 3rd Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride Santorini will begin. A motorcycle ride with the goal of informing the public about the dangerous of prostate cancer and men’s health, as well as an opportunity to fundraise for it.

At the same time, five thematic exhibitions will celebrate the five year journey of the Santorini Arts Factory.

5 years Santorini Arts Factory, by Christoforos Asimis
As a result of the completion of five consecutive creative summers, in an expressive world in between the visual arts, theatre, dance, and music, Christoforos Asimis reminisces about special memories of the SAF festivals.
Exhibition opening: 25/7/2018 | Duration: 25/7-30/9

T-Factory, by Christoforos Doulgeris
The exhibition brings together works from the last 4 years from the factories of D. Nomikos, portraying the sites and engineering equipment of the each factory in a particularly artistic perspective. Curation: Gerard Goodrow, Giannis Bolis, Domna Gounari
Duration: 18/6-9/9

Bioluminescence, by Manolis Anastakos
Biomimicry “Into The Light” video art by the artistic director of the 1ου BIO ART FESTIVAL
Duration: 25/7-10/8

Greek Painters, Group children’s exhibition
In the context of this year’s educational activities at the SAF, we are presenting a children’s exhibition by our visual arts workshop, inspired by 7 contemporary greek painters.
Duration: 28/4-30/9

Atlantis, by Aerienirti Eirini Drosou
Thought, imagination, art, as primary cores of cosmic time, will unite  legend and reality. Inspired by the exhibition the musical works of composer Laoura Gini and the theatrical lighting of Sakis Birbilis co-exist interactively.
Exhibition opening: 14/9 | Duration: 14/9-7/10

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