Wine at your holiday villa in Santorini

Enjoy the exceptional Santorini Wines at the comfort of your holiday villa or hotel!
Buy your favorite wines on competitive prices and get them without any delivery costs! No minimum order applies!

If you love wine and gastronomy was one of the reasons you’ ve chosen Santorini as your holiday destination for this year then you already know that Santorini is famous worldwide for its historic vineyard and the award-winning wines! Assyrtiko, Nykteri, Athiri, and Aidani (for the white wine lovers) but also Mandilaria, Mavrotragano, and Voudomato for those who vote for red and rozes but also fresh sparklings along with the emblematic sweet Vinsanto from sun-dried grapes, are all here, under one roof, waiting for you to try them!

For your party, your anniversary, your private wine tasting, your other special occasion or a precious relaxing evening, don’t miss the chance to enjoy the exceptional wines of Santorini at the comfort of your holiday villa or hotel, with the best rates in the market and without any delivering costs.

The extensive wine list of the eshopsantorini contains more than 130 wines from almost all the wineries on the island. Still, difficult to choose where to start from? No matter how familiar you are with the Santorini wines we are here for you and help you make it easier!

We have selected our favorite wines and we present them to you under their basic wine type categories:

White Wines

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Red Wines

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Rose Wines

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Sweet Wines

 52.00 incl. VAT

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Click for the full list of sparkling wines

Are you looking for something else? Check the complete wine list of eshopsantorini! Still not there? If it is available in the market we can find it for you, just let us know at

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