Excellent rating for the Vinsanto of Estate Argyros

The Vinsanto of 1991 crop by Estate Argyros was rated with an excellent 97 out of 100 by Mark Squires on behalf of the Wine Advocate (Robert Parker). This leading Vinsanto was bottled in 2011, after a twenty year stay in barrels. It is consisted of 80% Assyrtiko, 10% Athiri and 10% Aidani varieties. The […]

Book Direct – Support Greece initiative

WebHotelier, Greece’s most popular online reservations system for hotels, has just launched a Support for Greece, Book Direct initiative. Hotels bearing the campaign’s logo onto their online booking engine are called to offer a Best Price Guarantee policy as well as other extra benefits to all guests that choose to book direct with them. The […]

Support Greece – A matter of perception

“How are you? How are things there?” My friend from Lebanon (who now lives in the USA) asks with real interest through Skype regarding the updates of the situation in Greece. After a while in she asks “is there any bombing?” “Hmm.. No..” “Then you are fine.” she answers. The side of earth that has […]

The famous “Fisherman” fresco is now exhibited in the Museum of Prehistoric Thera

The permanent exhibition of the Museum of Prehistoric Thera, Fira was enriched on June 25th, 2015 with the famous and well-preserved wall painting of “Fisherman”, found at western house the prehistoric town of Akrotiri. The “Fisherman” (1650 BC) is 147 cm high and is one of the most important works of the Aegean great painting […]

No limit to cash withdrawals for non-Greeks

The tourists that visit Greece are excluded from the Greek capital controls when using their credit cards. The foreign tourists will be able to make regular cash withdrawals from ATMs with their cards, as long as they have boon issued abroad. In Santorini, there are no problems with tourists not being able to find cash […]

Major Awards for Santorini wines in Decanter Awards

The results of the wine competition of Decanter magazine for 2015 were announced on Sunday 14 June 2015 (Decanter World Wine Awards 2015). This particular competition is regarded as one of the most important in the world and perhaps the most prestigious and important wine competition in Europe. The wines from Santorini accuired an impressive […]

Winter Season in Santorini

Please visit this link for the latest article about winter in Santorini. Santorini is organized to operate as a tourist destination throughout the year, in alliance with over 100 small-medium hotels and other businesses that will remain open in the winter, while airlines will maintain a sufficient number of connections to the island in the […]

Venetsanos winery operates again

Venetsanos winery has opened its gates again this year. It was built in 1947 by Venetsanos family and became the first industrial winery on the island. Its most distinguished feature is the structural design, which essentially used gravity, facilitating energy efficiency, at a time when access to electricity and other energy sources was very limited. […]