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As it is known, the shipment of wine to the United States is not allowed due to the existing US law. If, however, you have recently traveled to Santorini we might be able to deliver it to you as we are allowed to ship wine to the US under certain conditions (specific states & quantity). Please email us at for more information.

Hatzidakis Wines Premium Selection (12 bottles)

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Hatzidakis Wines Premium Selection (12 bottles)

Premium collection of 6 emblematic Hatzidakis wines

-Aidani 2018 (x2 bottles)
-Familia 2018 (x2 bottles)
-Skytali 2017 (x2 bottles)
-Nychteri 2018 (x2 bottles)
-Rosette 2018 (x2 bottles)
-Mavrotragano 2016 (x2 bottles)

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